hobbies and interests

one of my favorite hobbys are makeing rubber band bracelets.Second hobby of mine is drawing and listening to music.Third hobby is playing video games and listening to music.Fourth hobby is tattooing my self with sharpies because i get bored easy.Fith hobby is makeing home made bithday/gift cards for everyone.i love GIRLS and soccer and basketball.


i love all types of music and video games. i love horror movies with killing and suicide stuff. i love horror anime and comic books with horror.i love to cuddle with my stuffed animals.i love chatting with my friends on snapchat and imvu.i love wearing bandanas for a mouth mask.um im also LESBIAN if u want to know about me more.

growing up and family

growing up with family was crazy im from a mexican or latina family i have cousins and second cousins more then i can count i have one brother he is 27 he has a wife who is the same age and they have three kids two boys one babygirl.